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Klippel Electroacoustic analyzer
RnD System
R & D System Overview Burst Test (TBM) Suspension Component Test (SPM) Numerical Simulation (SIM) Vibration Scanning System (SCN) Swing Modal Analysis (RMA) Power Test (PWT) Near Field Scanning System (NFS) Material Parameter Test ( MPM) Micro Suspension Component Test (MSPM) Micro Speaker Multipoint Test (MMT) Differential Listening (DIF-AUR) 3D Distortion Analysis (3D-DIS) Transfer Function Test (TRF) Large Signal Identification (LSI 3) Linear Parameter Test (LPM )
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QC system
KLIPPEL QC can meet the daily testing requirements of the production line. Compared with the KLIPPEL RnD system, the QC system hides the complex physical characteristics behind the product, but instead presents an intuitive and simple user interface to the end user, providing the test results required for manufacturing The QC system can not only accurately and reliably detect defective units on the production line, even in a noisy production line environment, but also with the ultimate goal of increasing production volume.
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Hardware platform
Products include: PM8 power monitor / KA3 analyzer
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