Camera finished product vision test system

The visual inspection system for finished products mainly includes the testing of cameras and other common functions. It is mainly used to detect the quality of finished camera products, improve the production efficiency of the production line, and reduce the error rate of manual testing.
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Test items:

1.Camera far focus test, near focus test, fixed focus test, definition test

2.Camera whiteboard test, white balance, brightness uniformity, color uniformity, bad spot test, bad cluster test, blemish

3.Camera blackboard test, bad point detection

4.Optical axis test

5.Camera jam test,check whether the video of the camera loses the frame

6.Flash test, test the uniformity of flash light source brightness

7.FOV field angle test, gray scale test

8.Indicator light detection

9.Keystroke detection

10.Night vision detection

11.Audio function detection

12.Network connections

13.Scan code reading SN


System features

1.The test interface is simple and friendly, the framework is clear, and operation is stable

2.The test time is short,for different products is about 20-30 seconds

3.Test parameters can be tested by themselves

4.Can export data reports and support multiple data document formats.

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