Camera finished product vision test system

The visual inspection system for finished products mainly includes the testing of cameras and other common functions. It is mainly used to detect the quality of finished camera products, improve the production efficiency of the production line, and reduce the error rate of manual testing.
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Definition detection scheme


Hardware structure diagram


Test items:

1.Clarity test: test the center and surrounding of the picture clarity

2.Camera whiteboard test, white balance, brightness uniformity, color uniformity, bad spot test, bad cluster test, blemish

3.Indicator light detection

4.FOV field angle test, gray scale test

5.Optical axis test

6.Night vision detection

7.Other:Keystroke detection,audio function detection etc


System features

UPH capacity 180~300 per hour
Camera object distance 0.5m~10m
FOV 0~150degrees
workstation 1
Power input AC 220V±10% / 50HZ
Total Power P≤500W
Weight 150kg
Dimensions 500mm*500mm*1200mm


Clarity detection test solution

Simulated Photography Using Customized Range-Increasing Mirror ,can simulate different distance such 0.5m,1m,2m,3m etc, Simulated natural light with brightness uniformity of 98% is used as light source , Color and Lumen are all meet the ISO 12233, The test card is compared with the ISO 12233 Tvline test line. And also can choose the SFR or MTF test card base on different demands.


Whiteboard detection test solution

1.Bad Point Detection

Detection of bad points based on template image brightness reconstruction.

2. Bad Cluster Detection

Bad Cluster Detection Based on Gradient Angle Reconstruction.

Weak bad cluster detection based on recognition of local features.

Weak curve detection

3. Color temperature , Color/Lumen uniformity Detection


Optical axis detection test solution

By taking pictures ,detect the optical axis verticality by measuring the distance between the center of the image and the center of the blue box ,The shorter the distance, the higher the perpendicularity of the optical axis.


FOV detection test solution

Calculate how many pixels is the edge length of each square in the test card,and Calculate the edge length of each square in the actual color card, get the actual length of each pixel, then calculate the diagonal length, the coverage of FOV angle can be obtained.

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