Handset acoustic test system

Application project 1 and 2 test time <10s, Application project 3 test time <20s; Add key frequency test data to facilitate process CPK and GR & R analysis; data export function, test data can be imported into customer production database; foolproof warning lights (bee (Buzzer) and product barcode scanning, employee ID number scanning; emergency stop switch device for safety
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Handset acoustic test system

The system adopts the four channel audio analyzer A4 independently developed by our company, and cooperates with the acoustic automatic test software and relevant test accessories and speakers developed by our company for the second time, so as to realize the automatic test of various audio and electroacoustic indexes.


Performance index

Sound insulation of system:40dB

Compatible product size:Customized

Working voltage: 220VAC

Working power: 100W

Weight: 200kg


System hardware block diagram

Testing principle

1.Recording mode:

Features: Test C / T is long, but the performance of each component can be judged.

2.Access mode

Features: Test C / T is short, but only judge the performance of a channel


Features of software functions

1.The test interface is simple and friendly, easy to operate and flexible to schedule.

2.Judge pass / fail automatically;

3.Test parameters can be set by yourself.

4.It has statistical function (hourly yield statistics & batch yield statistics); data export function (test data can be imported into the customer production system); supports multiple data file access;

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