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Audio Analyzer A1

Audio Analyzer A1

A1 is a multi-functional and extremely fast audio comprehensive tester based on the low-cost solution of Shenzhen Aptech Electronics Co., Ltd., which is very suitable for production line testing and also meets general R & D testing; It can be applied to audio and video quality inspection of consumer products, professional audio, automotive electronics and other audio and video products, such as mobile phones, headphones, speakers, players, amplifiers, home theaters, televisions, set-top boxes, and automotive multimedia hosts.
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Control Software ATC

ATC control software provides all measurement settings and result display. Its main interface adopts popular menu structure, including menu bar, toolbar, test item selection, test condition setting, result reading and other areas. The whole software interface is intuitive and easy to operate.

In addition to the basic test function, ATC also supports automatic test, which can produce rich graphical results and reports, Pass / Fail judgment, etc. Reports can be exported to PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, RTF or MATLAB and other formats.

Because all ABTEC audio analyzers use the same control software, it makes the test and results easier to share. All test settings can be saved in the same engineering file, which is convenient for R & D and production to share engineering files. Users can even embed the existing waveform file and graphic data into the engineering files, greatly optimizing the test.

1.Measurement Function:

Level & Gain & Phase

Frequency Response



DC Level/Sweep

Interchannel Phase

Scope Monitor/Spectrum

Frequency Measurement

Measurement Recorder

Stepped Level Sweep

Stepped Frequency Sweep

Compare Encoded Bitstream






Q-peak Noise

Level Ratio

Input Sample Rate

Acoustil Response

Loundspeaker Test





2.Hardware description

1. Analog dual channel analog balanced and unbalanced I / O interface

2. Support linear encoding digital audio and optical fiber interface (AES / EBU, Toslink, SPDIF)

3. Support Bluetooth audio bit rate

4. Support up to 192K digital sampling rate

5. Support automated testing

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1.System Performance

Residual THD+N (20kHZ BW):-102dB


2.Analog Generator Performance

Number of channels: 2 channels

Interface type: balanced XLR port, unbalanced BNC port

Signal type: sine wave, IMD signal, continuous scanning signal, multitone signal, noise signal

Support digital waveform file format: WAV, AC3, EC3, etc.

Sine Frequency Range:0.1 Hz to 80.1 kHz

Frequency Accuracy:3 ppm

IMD Test Signals:SMPTE, MOD, DFD

Maximum output voltage of sine wave: 16V (balanced) / 8V (unbalanced)

Amplitude Accuracy:±0.05 dB

Flatness (20 Hz–20 kHz):±0.01 dB

Analog output configuration: unbalanced and balanced, common mode

Overload protection function


3.Analog Analyzer Performance

Number of channels: 2 channels

Interface type: balanced XLR port, unbalanced BNC port

Input impedance 100 kΩ || ≈ 200pF

CMRR ≥80 dB, 5 Hz to 5 kHz

Crosstalk: balanced mode > 90 dB to 20 kHz; unbalanced mode > 100 dB to 20 kHz

Maximum Rated Input Voltage:230Vpk

Maximum Bandwidth:>90 kHz

IMD Measurement Capability:SMPTE, MOD, DFD

Amplitude Accuracy (1 kHz):±0.05 dB

Amplitude Flatness (20 Hz–20 kHz):±0.01dB

Residual Input Noise (20 kHz BW):1.4 µV

Individual Harmonic Analyzer:d2–d10

Max FFT Length:1024K points

DC Voltage Measurement:Yes


4.Digital Generator/Analyzer Performance N/A


5.General Index

Dimensions (width x depth x height): 430*305*88.9mm

Weight: 5kg±0.5kg


Added high-speed testing capabilities, Multitone Analyzer and Continuous Sweep.



17 additional test functions are added to expand the test capability, including IMD, maximum output level, dynamic range, FFT and other test functions.



The Acoustic Response test function is added.



The computer audio interface with ASIO driver can be used as an input/output interface in ATC software, supporting up to 16 full duplex channels. All test items and test sequences of the audio analyzer can use ASIO input/output interface, which can realize a comprehensive characteristic evaluation of audio equipment connected to a computer.



Electroacoustic Test Option

It provides a series of comprehensive testing functions and results for the design and development personnel of electroacoustic products, including some key acoustic testing indicators, such as comprehensive Thiele-small parameters, time window controlled quasi-silent environmental acoustic response test, impedance analysis, etc. This option includes all test functions of the production line version.



Subjective Sound Quality Evaluation Option

PESQ is a perceptual voice quality measurement tool developed by OPTICOM Co., Ltd. of Germany. According to ITU-T recommendations, PESQ is specially designed for testing voice quality on low-bandwidth devices, such as mobile phones and smart phones. Appropriate test signals can achieve results similar to those of human tests, with high correlation.

POLQA2 strengthens testing to broadband voice quality and acoustic interface.



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