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Smart sound solution analysis

Smart audio refers to intelligent terminal products with intelligent voice interaction system and Internet service content, and can expand more devices and content access. Smart audio is the addition of intelligent functions based on traditional audio. On the one hand, it has Wi-Fi connection for voice interaction; on the other hand, it can provide content services such as music and audiobooks, and Internet services such as APP applications. Smart home control. As a new smart hardware product, the smart audio market is huge. It is a tool for home consumers to use the voice to surf the Internet, such as on-demand songs, online shopping, or weather

Special Holiday Wishes-Donated by Aptec

Since September, attentive colleagues have found that Feng MM is frustrated recently and his work is not in the state. The chat revealed that my father had a sudden myocardial infarction, and the hospitalization cost a large amount of surgical expenses, and he would continue to do recovery treatment afterwards. Both husband and wife are in the working class and two children need to be raised. Feng MM faced a lot of foreign debts, coupled with the fatigue of taking care of his father, the whole person was a little broken.

Aptec Group Building Activities-Jiulongshan Ecological Park Day Trip

On September 30, 2018, all employees of Aptech held a fun team development activity at Jiulongshan Ecological Park. This activity is centered on the theme of "striving for unity and being brave", and aims to strengthen the team spirit of employees and enhance team cohesion. Through this activity, new employees quickly integrated into the work team, quickly found a sense of collective belonging, and strengthened the interaction between new and old employees.

2018 Shanghai International Lighting & Sound Show successfully concluded

The 16th Shanghai International Professional Lighting and Sound Show 2018 was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong New Area) from October 10th to October 13th, and APTEK was again unveiled. Thousands of well-known domestic and foreign audio-visual brands and their peripheral products are gathered here. As a professional audio test solution provider, Eptech has added new scenery to the exhibition.

The 13th Acoustic Building Forum ended in 2018

From October 27th to 28th, the annual event of the 13th Anniversary of Acoustic Building in the electronic audio industry was successfully held in Shenzhen Xili Golden Lily Hotel. The two-day event was co-sponsored by the China Electronic Audio Industry Association, the Shenzhen Audio Industry Association, and the Acoustic Building Organizing Committee, which attracted a lot of big coffee speakers to come to the conference, participate in, and share experience. Including: Zhou Haichang, Chairman of China Electronics and Audio Industry Association, Chairman of Guoguang Electronics Co., Ltd., Zhang Wendong, Chairman of Edifier Group, Yu Guanghui, Vice President and Executive Director and CEO of TCL Group, Founder and President of Wanmo Acoustics Gongda

Eptech debuts in 2018 (Winter) China Bluetooth Headset Industry Summit

On December 21, 2018, the "2018 China (Winter) Bluetooth Headset Industry Summit Forum" hosted by Woai Audio Network successfully concluded in Hall 1 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The number of online applicants for this event exceeded 5,000 and the scene was unprecedented.

Handling instructions for the ATC software to automatically pop up the expiration prompt

Handling instructions for the ATC software to automatically pop up the expiration prompt

Innovation and common development

The "Golden Pig Arch and Five Blessings" are coming to an end in 2018, and the vibrant 2019 has begun. In this festive day of resigning from the old and welcoming the new, Aptec to thank all the staff for their hard work and dedication, held in the banquet hall of the Hakka Royal Prince Hotel the theme of "innovation, common development and overcoming all difficulties" as the theme of the Spring Festival. The company's leaders and colleagues from all departments gathered together in a festive, peaceful and warm atmosphere to review the achievements of Aptec, and actively respond to the company's development plan, and wish the company a great future in the year of the pig!

Guangzhou International Professional Lighting / Sound Exhibition 2019

From February 24th to 27th, the 17th Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Audio Exhibition opened a new prelude to the theme of "Unlimited Audiovisual and Intelligent Future". This year's theme is to keep abreast of the wave of technological integration in the professional audiovisual and IT fields, and the exhibition made a new attempt. In addition to a series of professional lighting, audio, stage equipment and other products in the past years, the exhibition also focuses on leading-edge overall solutions in the field of performing arts equipment, communications and conferences, and KTV. The exhibition area of this exhibition exceeded 130,000 square meters, and gathered 1,300 domestic and overseas exhibitors, and the number of customers reached 75.

2019 (Spring) China Bluetooth Headset Industry Summit

The 2019 (Spring) China Bluetooth Headset Industry Summit Forum, organized by I Love Audio Network, was grandly held on March 21 in Shenzhen Kexing Science Park, Shenzhen. This forum invited the upstream and downstream industry chain players such as Bluetooth headsets, smart voice solutions, Bluetooth chips and solution providers to analyze and explain all aspects of smart Bluetooth headsets and discuss the current and future of the smart Bluetooth headset industry chain. At the same time, the summit gathered the participation of the world's well-known TWS Bluetooth headset chip manufacturers to unveil a number of blockbuster new products. Smart Voice becomes this
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