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Sales engineer


1. maintain existing customer relationships and extend performance.
2. is responsible for the development of industry, business, relationship maintenance, and project coordination.
3. the sales-related work reports submitted accurately and on time.
4. complete the company's sales and ensure timely recovery of customer payment.

Job requirements:

1. electronic information technology, measurement and control technology and instrumentations, Bachelor's degree in video and audio, acoustics, computer-related.
2. good communication skills in English, able to read instructions in English and business mail.
3. the good spirit of cooperation and good communication skills. Human integrity, character, cheerful, generous, hard to endure hardship, there is a sense of responsibility and dedication, have good organization skills.
4. electronics audio acoustics testing experience a plus.


ATESoftware engineer


1, involved in project analyses;
Schema design, module 2, responsible for project design;
3, responsible for project coding, refactoring, code optimization
4, responsible for resolving technical difficulties and technical checks in a project;

Job requirements:

1, computer science, Bachelor, products testing application software development experience in more than two years;
2, skilled use of C#,C++,LABVIEW, at least one of the languages of the various design patterns;
3, familiar with the conventional instruments (such as programmable power supplies, AP audio analyzers, high frequency signal generators, etc) operate and use;
4, good communication skills, team work spirit, positive work attitude;
5, there is a certain amount of experience in architecture, have prepared car, mobile phone, Bluetooth headset product line automated test software is preferred;

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