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Testing services

Testing services

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Abtec Set up a fully functional test lab, speakers, near-field scanning NFS lab, no ring mute room, car/mobile phone/headset automation test lab。
Provides testing services to clients including:
Ø Mobile audio test (total harmonic distortion + noise, frequency response, output voltage, output power, phase, crosstalk, signal to noise ratio parameters, impedance, T-S, Rub&Buzz, air leaks, such as vibration, PESQ, waterfall)
Ø Car audio and video products fully functional tests (current, voltage, AM, FM (RDS), CD, DVD, DTV, and BT, NAVI, and AUX IN, USB, SD, IPOD and reversing shadow, CAN bus)
Ø Bluetooth headsets function test (Bluetooth module to automatically burn, Bluetooth audio Bluetooth RF test and examinations)
Ø Dolby, DTS, verify test
Ø Speakers, microphones and other acoustic tests
Ø Computers, notebooks, flat acoustics testing
Sincerely welcome customers to our company for product testing services and and enjoy a professional testing services.

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